Here is how we've helped make a difference to patient referral

We care about what our clients say. And we’re here to help them succeed with Rego making referring patients quicker, easier and more accurate. Here are some recent testimonials from a selection of clients.

DeRS maintains clinical autonomy for the referrer and providers. It ensures and consistency of referrals allowing patients to be treated appropriately and efficiently

Tony Ahmed | LPN Lead Shropshire and Staffordshire 

It has been a highly rewarding and interesting experience collaborating with Vantage and my colleagues to customise Orthodontic pathways on DeRS that meet our local needs

Barry Hayes | Orthodontic MCN Chair 

Incredible that we have achieved 100% compliance with DeRS from day one of implementation.

Darrell Jackson 

It has improved the quality of referrals and enabled better access to care best suited to the patient’s needs whether this is within primary care or secondary care.  Referrals are safer than previous paper forms and they are quality assured and validated at the point of entry.’