Here is how we've helped make a difference to patient referral

We care about what our clients say. And we’re here to help them succeed with Rego making referring patients quicker, easier and more accurate. Here are some recent testimonials from a selection of clients.

I’d like to congratulate you. We’ve needed this for 20 years.

Professor Kenneth Eaton | Chair of the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe

I can confirm that we feel that the introduction of DeRS into West Sussex has been the best thing we have seen in the NHS. It has made referrals fast, accurate and above all reliable. Previous cases of paper referrals being left sitting on desks for months, is now history.

Toby Hancock | West Sussex LDC Chairman

Building intelligent pathways to improve care is what it is all about

Jenny Parry | Paediatric Lead, South East

The system is extremely impressive and have enjoyed working together on the pathways

Andrew Elder, Restorative MCN Lead, South East