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Vantage are leaders in electronic referral management. We are a UK company that believes in the NHS and our vision is to ensure that patients transfer appropriately, safely and seamlessly between healthcare professionals working within a complex healthcare network. Through the merging of technology and medicine we improve care, optimise resources and deliver significant savings across the health economy.


Drawing on a wealth of experience gained through wide-scale rollout across the NHS, Vantage provides an end-to-end solution aimed at delivering sustainable and tangible value. With expertise in project management and implementation, our teams provide installation, on-site training and continuous support.



Vantage has worked closely with the NHS since 2006. Our solutions have been commissioned by NHS England, over 40 CCGs and many Hospital Trusts. Published reports, including a QIPP paper and PwC independent review. We continue to demonstrate how we help healthcare providers and commissioners improve quality of care and deliver significant savings through better efficiency, whilst recording consistently high levels of user and patient satisfaction..


Referral Management

Vantage streamline referral management. Our Rego platform takes  information from your local clinical systems and the NHS Spine to avoid unnecessary re-keying. It’s so easy to use that compliance rate are close to 100% from day one.

GPs and secretaries like the time it saves and the certainty that the referral has been accepted. No more phoning around to find where the patient is. It’s all at your fingertips in real-time.

Commissioners are assured of the consistent use of agreed pathways and that patient will be seen by the right service.

Rego is also available to opticians, audiologists, physiotherapists and all healthcare professionals who refer patients to other services.


Dental Referral Management

Vantage are the leaders in dental electronic referral management.

Rego for Dentists delivers real-time referrals, validation and reporting, eliminating paperwork, and improving patient service and safety whilst reducing costs.

Rego is a powerful clinical communications platform linking dentists directly to service providers.

Optimising time from referral to booking while reducing costs

Traditional referral management

With Rego





Vantage  works with a broad spectrum of clinicians and stakeholders to maintain a deep understanding of healthcare challenges. Our determined approach to assessing immediate market needs is matched by significant investment in developing and improving our technology.

It has developed and evolved over 9 years of partnership with the NHS and with the input of hundreds of healthcare professionals.

Rego is a web based electronic referral management solution designed for use in any modern web browser. It is intuitive and requires little more than a basic introduction.



Rego interfaces with most referrer’s clinical information software including EMIS, TPP, Vision, R4, SoE and many more.

Rego also links to the NHS Spine and is currently developing a link to the NHS e-RS booking service.



Rego is a web based software application, hosted within a secure NHS N3 data centre. Vantage meet all relevant NHS information governance standards and are approved by the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Vantage are also CQC registered.



Rego is designed as a local referral management solution. Each client gets the pathways they want. These are usually informed by national guidance but based on local needs. Rego is built to manage thousands of different pathways. These can be modified in minutes and made available to thousands of users immediately. No more distribution of hundreds of pages of guidance each time a change is made.

This also means that pathways can be adapted quickly based on changes in demand and other relevant feedback.



Rego referrals include all supporting information in a single referral package. This includes X-rays and any other relevant images or documents.

Referrals are validated in real time. No teams of administrators manually reviewing forms days or weeks later. You can be confident that referrals have been accepted as soon as they are sent.



Rego allows the provider to update the referrer on progress and the final results of a treatment, often in the form of a discharge summary.

At any time, a referrer can check the status of any of their patients. If patients call for an update the answer is immediately available.

A comprehensive suite of dashboards and business intelligence reports are available in real-time.

All the above is managed under PRINCE 2 project management and full support for our clients change management programmes. This includes face-to-face training and real-time reporting to inform demand management, service planning and educational initiatives.

An expert support desk who resolve over 90% of calls first time, ensures that users rarely have issues making referrals.

We are continually developing both our software and services to improve the user experience and keep up with current legislation and guidance.


Vantage Referral Management

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